Saturday, September 25, 2010

The True Reason Why Stephen Colbert Testified was...

The reason was to create a distraction that would help the kamikaze media hide the real news about the Department of the Perversion of Justice and how its Voting Section promotes enforcement of the law against those of one skin color who speak English but not against those of other colors, or who speak English as a second language.

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On Friday, we received affirmation of the true nature of the Department of Justice in the Obama administration,  and its incredibly disturbing.  Christopher Coates, former chief of the Justice Department’s Voting Section, and still a DOJ employee defied his bosses orders and testified before the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights to discuss the reasons why the New Black Panther Voter intimidation case (NBPP) was dropped even though the Judge had ruled that the DOJ had already won the case.


Coates’ testimony was a shocking indictment of Obama’s Department of Justice. His testimony accused the administration of using race to determine which cases are prosecuted. Corroborating the testimony of J. Christian Adams, Coates testimony illustrates that the issue goes way beyond the New Black Panther case, the real issue is the organization charged with protecting civil rights is now a tool for increasing discrimination in the country.



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