Saturday, September 25, 2010

All Speech Must Be Free, Even For Christians and Republicans

We are not afraid, oh Lord, not afraid to say, deep in my heart, oh Lord, what I do believe.

We shall overcome the anti-American speech restrictions against those who preach from the pulpit. In 2010, it is published by the taxation authority when Christians preach in favor of conservatives and Republicans, though not against those, like the Obamas' preacher Jeremiah Wright, who preach in favor of progressives and Democrats.

Of course none of this would even be up to question if not for the progressive income tax, created by Woodrow Wilson. Of course, the repressive agenda of the income tax authority is no surprise seeing as how it came from the President who created the modern day concentration camp to imprison Americans of German descent during WWI. It is time to legally restore the right of all Americans to engage in free political speech without threatening them with persecution and prosecution by the tax taking authority of the US Government.

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Historically, churches had frequently and fervently spoken for and against candidates for government office. Such sermons date from the founding of America, including sermons against Thomas Jefferson for being a deist; sermons opposing William Howard Taft as a Unitarian; and sermons opposing Al Smith in the 1928 presidential election. Churches have also been at the forefront of most of the significant societal and governmental changes in our history including ending segregation and child labor and advancing civil rights.

For 66 years now, churches can’t, obliterating the separation of church and state, that nonexistent for 66 years line they tout so highly in the above article. When government can restrict what a church can and can’t say, there is no line between church and state though other nonprofits, both on the left and right, engage in political speech and actively seek the elections of endorsed candidates without fear of the taxman. Well, unless they support someone other than a Democrat. If you do support Democrats, even to committing fraud, well, you get federal funding.

Oh, Free Speech! Wherefore art thou???



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