Thursday, September 23, 2010

Response to E. J. Dionne on the successful TEA Party "scam"

E.J. Dionne says the TEA Party is the most successful scam in political history. Dude, a scam is when someone's mouth makes a promise they can't keep, and they collect loot based on the promise anyway and skip town when it comes time to deliver. If the TEA Party delivers on its promise to throw the bums out, and if it delivers even just a little on its promise to force the new set of bums to follow the Constitution in their governance, then it is not a scam. If that happens it is the real deal!

E.J. seems to have misunderstood the terms he throws around like verbal hand grenades. This suggests that his fingers are typing promises his brain can't keep, and as far as I know he continues to draw a salary from the Washington Post.

In other words, it is E.J. Dionne who is scamming his readers.


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