Friday, July 23, 2010

Ezra Klein & 400 Other "Journalists" Conspire to Cover Up the News: But, but Breitbart

There were two big stories about journalism this week. One began as a story about the NAACP condoning racism and was twisted into a story about accusations of racism against Andrew Breitbart. The second, the "JournOlist story," which you may not have seen mentioned in the news, was about a backroom conspiracy by Ezra Klein and 400 other movers and shakers in that same media to hide politically inconvenient news from the American people, replacing it with accusations of racism against Republicans, TEA Partiers, conservatives, and other scapegoats. The second story explains the course of the first story, both the deranged nature of the accusations against Breitbart and the predictable descent to accusations of racism.

Of the two stories, one is the dog and the other is the tail. The dog of a story identifies the problem with the media in the US and other countries. Namely, the media's problem is that it is always in favor of the government and government expansion and against individual freedom and private, for profit companies. The media has become nothing more than a mouthpiece for the expansion of government bureaucracy. The tail story is another nasty set of accusations of racism against a scapegoat. The tail story's job is to wave around and distract the people from the real story, which is that the dog is dead. The media has killed itself by refusing to follow the facts where they lead and substituting its preferred, pro-government-bureaucracy narrative for reality.

Implications: The big story this week was ignored by the major media. Since the story is about a backroom agreement between major figures in that media to cover up anything and everything that is inconvenient to their narrative, this isn't a surprise. However, it does seem to be the kind of thing that regular people might want to know when they make decision whether to renew that subscription to Time, Newsweek, the Atlantic, New York Times, Washington Post, or any other formerly respectable brand of bird-cage liner and fish wrapper. And it also might inform their decision on whether to get their broadcast news from former democrat campaign hacks like George Stephanopolous, Paul Begala, and Chrissy "Tingles" Matthews, or from journalists who are not part of a conspiracy to conceal the truth.

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A huge media news story broke on the Daily Caller the same day the Sherrod video was posted. It involved Journolist, a cartel of 400 progressive journalists conspiring to distort and limit the news. Since Tuesday we learned these "journalists" conspired to use the "race card" as a way to kill the Jeremiah Wright story and, from the very first day her nomination was announced,

they conspired to unfairly discredit Sarah Palin.

Where is all the anger about this story? Where is the coverage of this story? Where is the frothing Keith Olbermann ranting his disgust for MSNBC, and the rest of progressive media for the way Sarah Palin and her family were abused? Why is there no shame for the way the "fourth estate" violated the public trust? Andrew Breitbart has become a very convenient way of distracting the public away from the real violation of journalistic ethics.



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