Friday, October 9, 2009

10/9/09 list of interesting articles

Heading up the news today, Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize for What again? AP analyzes something for once.

How about Obama's war record?

"Classy" White House calls Joe Scarborough an A---hole for laughing at President Pantywaist's Nobel Peace Prize

Tom Coburn proposes to dump Political Science research funding since it's pure Marxist propaganda. I can live with that. Marxists protest.

Safe Schools Czar wrote forward to the compleat idiot's guide to pedophilia. I fixed the book title to clarify it.

Too late to watch, an actual documentary actually airing on PBS actually praised capitalism actually lifts poor from poverty, actually defeats tyranny

Youtube seminar on basic online video production/shooting the video

White House advisor on Muslim affairs says Sharia law not such a bad idea

Al Qaeda Video on how to Make a Butt Bomb

Cass Sunstein defends communism, says America too racist for socialism and its universal racism

Karl Marx, the end of the world, and communist eschatology

Kevin Jennings vs. Mark Foley: Battle of the Pederasts

Another case of actual vote fraud, this time from a transvestite prostitute and con-man who ACORN got to vote nine times in the same election

NASA bombs the moon. Take that moon monsters!

Global Taxation without Representation: G20 Discusses Taxing the Whole World

White House finally admits its obvious unreasoning, deranged hatred for Fox News


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