Wednesday, October 7, 2009

10/7/09 Roundup of Interesting Stuff

Yes, Virginia, ACORN threw out all Republican voter registrations as invalid because "there is no such thing as a black republican"

Kerry-Lugar Bill is incredibly insulting to Pakistan. "Allies" in Pakistan are not happy.

Iraqis are getting cynical about voting. Fear the "turbans" will take over and steal the people's freedom away soon enough.

Thank God for Vaclav Klaus, the only man in the way of the EU steamroller

Archbishop Chaput discusses why it was wrong for Notre Dame to honor Obama with an honorary degree

Egypt killed all the country's pigs because of swine flu fears, and to spite their Christian owners. Now what to do with all the daily garbage the pigs used to eat?

"Let me dispel these ridiculous rumors once and for all and set the record straight: Under my plan, seniors are going to be killed the way they want to be killed, end of story," said the president, who acknowledged that "wiping out" the nation's elderly population has always been his No. 1 priority. "If your grandmother would rather be euthanized in the privacy of her own home than be gutted and hanged on a high school soccer field, she is entitled to that right."

A Sarbanes-Oxley to Cripple American Small Business

50 Examples of Government Waste

Vox Day agrees with George Will about Barack Obama

The French Battle Flag looks like the flag of Benin with a white background

Go for Capitalism or Go for Broke: Michael Moore vs. Michael Covel

What went wrong with Congress?

Ay Caramba! Kevin Jennings wants Pro-Homosexual Curriculum for Kindergartens

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. The coming storm.


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