Saturday, April 16, 2011

False Flag KKK Posters in Chico

The Tea Party being a grassroots movement rather than an organized reelection campaign, it's quite possible for members to have mutually contradictory aims. But the constant accusations of racism from the Democratic Party and its comrades in the national media are so ridiculous they have reached the level of parody. It is not predictable that no matter what a conservative or tea partier says the vast left wing conspiracy will claim there was a hidden racist agenda behind it. Everything is blamed on racism.

And of course the greatest irony of all is that the KKK was the Democratic Party's partisan terrorist organization, formed to oppress Republicans and blacks by means of violence and terror. To use the KKK as an attack against Republicans is a tremendously a-historical falsehood and irony. It insults the intelligence of every observer.

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The Chico Tea Party Patriots are speaking out after an offensive flyer was distributed Thursday about the group’s rally on Monday claiming to be from the tea party.

Thousands of posters were stuck up around butte county depicting the Klu Klux Klan symbol, a burning cross, and the words "Help us take our country back from the Kenyan" referring to President Obama.
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