Thursday, February 17, 2011

40% of union teachers in Madison called in [fired?]

When teachers shut down a school while lying about the reason they are taking the day off, is that not a firing offense? When teachers take their students on unauthorized field trips in order to serve as extra bodies in a protest, is that not a firing offense?

Ronald Reagan fired the air traffic controllers who threatened to shut down US air travel by going on strike. Scott Walker should do the same to the teachers who have shut down their school districts in order to retain their gold plated benefits.

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Public employees should not be allowed to unionize or if they are, they should be forbidden to contribute to political campaigns. The current system essentially allows the employees to buy off the managers (politicians) in order to rip off the owners (the public). It's a system that is corrupt by it's very existence. The proof of this is the public pension and benefits schemes that threatens to crush the fiscal solvency of many states.

Even that well known conservative, anti-labor President Franklin Roosevelt knew this.



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