Saturday, December 11, 2010

SIU searches for non-Christian yet religious music to "celebrate" Christmas

Click through to watch the video for a full understanding of the idiocy at work here. Southern Illinois University has taken both christian and irreligious Christmas music off the clock-tower. Even Jingle Bells was turned off. Instead, SIU is playing very annoying non-melodic chimes until they can find some Kwanzaa, Festivus and Hanukkah music to add into the rotation.

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For nearly 15 years, the Pulliam Hall clock tower on the campus of Southern Illinois University has played Christmas carols. But this year, after a few complaints, the bells have been briefly silenced while the school tries to expand its melodic tradition to include a more diverse selection of music.

The local CBS affiliate reports that SIU administrators agreed Friday to start playing “secular holiday songs” until a more “multi-cultural mix” can be put together that includes songs from other faiths.



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