Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Earmark Donor States | Cato @ Liberty

Cato Institute studies those states that receive more in federal funds than they contribute in taxes and finds Mississippi gets 11x as much as it pays out. Cato claims this seems to be because smaller states and more rural states receive more earmarks than more populous states. But Nebraska pays almost as much compared to the amount it gets back as Illinois and California and more than New York, and it's both small and rural. The explanation must be the flood of federal dollars that flowed into the state after Hurricane Katrina.

That said, I bet Mississippians would gladly agree to stop taking so many earmarks if we would never have to get walloped by the most destructive Hurricanes ever. We'll have to get rid of our porker Senators, of course, but I suspect we're about as fed up with the Congress of thieves as are people of every other state.


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